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Things To Consider When Choosing Your License Restoration Attorney

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Driver’s Assessment and Appeals Division (DAAD) Many attorneys take cases regarding DAAD or DLAD hearings, but you should be careful when you are choosing your attorney. In the last several years, the DAAD or DLAD has changed many of the forms necessary for the hearing. In October 2012, the request for hearing from was drastically changed from a one page form to an eight page form requiring very specific and detailed information. In September 2011, the Secretary of State overhauled the Substance Abuse Evaluation Form.

The last Driver’s License and Appeal Manual for the Michigan Secretary of State was revised in 2005. Since there is no real reference manual, the only way to know the changes in the rules is through experience. Your attorney should know there are new forms and how to find them. Your attorney should have the name of at least one substance abuse evaluators at his fingertips. Your attorney should know it is necessary for all of the letters to be dated, signed, and notarized. The letters need to establish the sobriety dates for drugs and alcohol.

When submitting your documentation to the Secretary of State, your attorney should, at a minimum, send the Request for Hearing Form, Substance Abuse Evaluation Form, the Letters, Proof of AA/NA if necessary, and a 10 panel drug screen. There is no harm in added a letter or two during the hearing. You should not use more than 5-7 letters for your hearing unless each letter adds something unique to the hearing. Each Hearing Officer reviews the documentation before the actual hearing. Failing to provide a complete picture until appearing at the hearing loses an opportunity to convince the Hearing Officer you are a good candidate for a driver’s license.

When you walk into the hearing, you want the Hearing Officer to be inclined to grant you driving privileges before your start presenting your evidence.  Make sure your attorney is aware of what the Hearing Officers are looking for in a petitioner for a driver’s license restoration. If your potential attorney believes the Hearing Officers just make the rules up as they go along, then you have the wrong attorney. Hearing Officers are just like everyone else. They have patterns of likes and dislikes in petitioners. Knowing those patterns ahead of time is the best way to insure your application is successful.