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Don’t Lose Your License If You Don’t Have To

There are many ways you can find yourself in danger of losing your license. Whether you were charged with DUI/DWI, you refused a blood or breathalyzer test, or you simply have too many points accumulated against your license, facing the loss of your license is a stressful experience with the potential to leave you dependent on friends, family or public transportation to get around. With more than 20 years of experience helping clients restore their privilege to drive, I am confident I can help you. And if I discover that I can’t, I will tell you so.

The First Line Of Defense

License restoration cases in Michigan don’t immediately go to court. Instead, they are handled at the level of the secretary of state, through Driver’s License Appeals Division (DLAD) or Driver’s Assessment and Appeals (DAAD) hearings. You may need to take many steps to prepare for your hearing, including:

  • Securing a copy of your master driving record
  • Soliciting letters attesting to your sobriety
  • Attending weekly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings

I know what the hearings officers at these divisions need to restore your license, and I know the individual tendencies of each officer. The DLAD/DAAD process has changed quite a bit over the years, and I’ve stayed alert to each of the changes as they’ve happened. My knowledge of the system coupled with my long experience handling these hearings means I can resolve your case favorably and efficiently.

Don’t hurt your chances of restoring your license by working with a lawyer who is not well-versed in the DLAD/DAAD hearings process. Making a mistake during this process can mean you have to wait a full year to try again. I know what needs to be done to protect your license because I’ve successfully done it for people like you for more than 20 years.

Circuit Court Appeals

If your case is denied at the DLAD/DAAD hearing stage, you can appeal to the circuit court. If this is the route you need to take, I can handle it. Other attorneys with less experience in these matters may try to avoid going to court because the process can be costly and cumbersome. In addition, some cases may not qualify for this kind of appeal. However, I am not deterred by taking action in whatever way necessary to restore your license, whether it has already been revoked, restricted or suspended.

Implied consent-related license suspensions can be more punitive than those resulting from a drunk driving charge. If you fail to take a breath or blood test at the police station, you could face license suspension for one or two years, as well as a six-point penalty on your license.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Understands The Process

Don’t find yourself unable to get to your job, medical appointments or the grocery store because you used the wrong lawyer. Schedule a initial consultation with me by calling or texting 248-318-3238 or contacting me online. We can meet at my office or another location. I represent clients in danger of losing their licenses in Plymouth, Wayne County and Oakland County.