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Losing your license or getting charged with a crime is a very personal experience with potentially wide-ranging repercussions. When facing these challenges, it helps to have a dedicated attorney who knows you and knows your case. At Daryl J. Wood and Associates, my Michigan firm won’t pass you off to paralegals and leave you to explain your situation over and over again. From driving record evaluation to document gathering to hearings and appeals, I am committed to personalized, no-nonsense representation. I help clients defend their rights to the fullest extent of the law and protect their licenses from threatened suspension or revocation.

In recent years, the Secretary of State has made a number of changes to their forms, procedures and hearings. Make sure your attorney is up to date with the changes. Make sure your attorney will electronically file your request for hearings to ensure your hearing happens as soon as possible. An attorney filing electronically, gets access to the hearing dates and orders much faster than waiting for the United States Postal Service to deliver the notices.

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When you work with my firm, you benefit from my more than 25+ years of experience representing clients charged with drunk driving or other criminal misdemeanor or felony offenses. I have a comprehensive knowledge of how drunk driving and criminal defense laws apply in a variety of situations, and I keep up with changes to these laws that could affect the outcome of your case. Furthermore, I know the tendencies of the individual administrative judges who handle drunk driving and other state crimes and can adjust my approach depending on which one has oversight of your case. My goal is to restore your license and protect your freedom. My long experience and detailed knowledge of the law, coupled with my disarmingly straightforward approach, have helped many clients get relief from a difficult situation. I can do the same for you.

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If you’re facing the confusion and stress of a criminal charge, you need the grounded, experienced perspective of a lawyer to help you understand the process you’re about to go through. I can evaluate your situation in an initial consultation, whether you come to the office or I meet you at another location like a coffee shop or even jail. My law firm serves clients in Plymouth, Wayne and Oakland counties. To schedule your consultation, call or text my Plymouth office at 248-318-3238 or use our online contact form to tell me more.