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Modern Driver’s License Appeals

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If you are looking for an attorney to assist you in restoring your driving privileges, you should look for an attorney with years of practice handling driver’s license restoration cases. At Daryl J. Wood and Associates, we have been handling driver’s license restoration cases since 1996.

Driver’s License Appeal Division (DLAD) or Driver’s Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) has entered the electronic area.

This area of the law changes frequently. Many times the forms used are updated and changed. If your attorney is not using the correct form, then it could affect your ability to get your driving privileges restored. As of March 5, 2018, the DLAD/DAAD divisions of the Michigan Secretary of State has created a platform called Driver Appeal Integrated System (DAIS) to file your requests for hearings online. Attorneys and the public can use this platform to file hearing requests for all of the following types of hearings:

1) Change/Removal of Restrictions
2) Ignition Interlock Violations
3) Implied Consent
4) Legal Issues
5) Medical Application Denial
6) Removal of Ignition Interlock
7) Revocation/Denial
8) Sobriety Court
9) Traffic Safety Div (Reexam)

Click here for the DAIS website.

The DAIS is also useful to serve Circuit Court documentation on the Secretary of State and for requesting transcripts from the Secretary of State. The goal of the system is to streamline the process of filing documentation with the Secretary of State as well as speeding up the DLAD/DAAD notification process for hearing dates and decisions. The system has only been online to the public since March 5, 2018, so it is too early to tell whether DAIS has achieved that goal.

DAIS is a great benefit to attorneys that handle driver license restoration cases. With this new system, attorneys will be able to track all of their filed cases in one location. If your attorney is not aware of or using the DAIS system, you should question whether you have the right attorney for you.